We are truly grateful to you for choosing CITTA TECHO. (Techo in Japanese is “schedule notebook”)
We have been publishing schedule notebook since 2013.Thankfully, orders from overseas are increasing little by little, and in order to respond to the request from overseas customers, we have finally made English version this year.

Citta means ‘heart’ in Sanskrit and this is a notebook in which you put your heart into it. By writing the CITTA TECHO, I wish women from all over the world cherish their hearts and experience that they can live the life as their design. This notebook has a space to write ‘fulfillment list’ every month and it is the best part of this schedule notebook. What do you really want to do? Decide when and how to do/achieve your fulfillment list that you put off in your busy life. First of all, please reserve the time to write a schedule notebook in advance once a week. It is the important meeting time with yourself.

May the CITTA TECHO be with you like your partner. Please spend time envisioning the future with your CITTA TECHO.
Designer of CITTA TECHO,
Chigusa Aoki.


New colour
Marvellous Pink〔A5〕English Version Only


Marvellous pink will bring unexpected miracles to your everyday life and you will feel lighter just by carrying it around.
Marvellous pink means lightness and freedom. It is a colour that represents the era of wind perfectly.
This beautiful new colour perfectly fits the concept of living for the moment in your own style ? what do you need most?


New colour
Mandarin Orange〔A5/B6〕※Japanese version


The mandarin colour gives a luxurious feel.
The original meaning of mandarin is leader with the Sanskrit mantri.
This mandarin orange schedule notebook exudes both nobility and refinement and may become the leader that guides you.

〔B6〕sold out

Rouge Red〔A5/B6〕※Japanese version


This matte rouge was chosen with elegant, refined women in mind.
Why don’t you write the things you are looking forward to that will put a spotlight on your beauty in this sophisticated red schedule notebook?
This schedule notebook, which gives us passionate energy, also brings us confidence.

Pure White〔A5/B6〕※Japanese version


Stylish bright white with gold lettering.
This colour allows you to enjoy a sophisticated, elegant style.
Write your future full of colour in this pure white diary.

〔B6〕sold out

Indigo Navy〔A5/B6〕※Japanese version


This classic colour is popular with everyone.
Navy gives us calmness and a sense of peace of mind.
Can be used for both business and pleasure.
Familiar soft, quality feel. We recommend it as a present for a man.

〔B6〕sold out

■【CITTA TECHO 2022 (October edition)】Sales Information
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  *Once orders have been confirmed, they cannot be changed.
  *Please note that we do not provide a gift-wrapping service.

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