We are truly grateful to you for choosing CITTA TECHO. (Techo in Japanese is “schedule notebook”)
We have been publishing schedule notebook since 2013.Thankfully, orders from overseas are increasing little by little, and in order to respond to the request from overseas customers, we have finally made English version from 2022.

Citta means ‘the heart’ in Sanskrit and this is a notebook in which you put your heart into it. By writing the CITTA TECHO, I wish women from all over the world cherish their hearts and experience that they can live the life as their design. This notebook has a space to write ‘WAKU WAKU list’(Things make you happy and excited list.) every month and it is the best part of this schedule notebook. What do you really want to do? Decide when and how to do/achieve your WAKU WAKU list that you put off in your busy life. First of all, please reserve the time to write a schedule notebook in advance once a week. It is the important meeting time with yourself.

May the CITTA TECHO be with you like your partner. Please spend time envisioning the future with your CITTA TECHO.

Designer of CITTA TECHO,
Chigusa Aoki.


《CITTA Diary 2023-24》   

Pre-order sales will begin on Tuesday, Jan 3rd,2023 at 9:00 am JST           


・Pre-order period:Tuesday, Jan 3rd,2023 at  9:00 am JST   〜 Thursday,Jan 12th,2023  at  11:59 pm JST
・The pre-ordered items will be shipped sequentially from late January 2023.

The special gifts will be offered!  

The special gifts are offered for customers who purchased during the pre-order period.    
For each purchase of a notebook, you will receive three types of our original products.

■Special Gifts
・CITTA original mini horizontal notebook(left)
・CITTA  original plastic board(middle)
・CITTA DIARY 10th anniversary sticker(right)

The new CITTA notebook will start in March 2023.

We hope you will find your favorite notebook.
We are looking forward to receiving your orders!

New colour
Coral Pink〔A5〕※Japanese version

"Coral" is believed to help you inherit the magnificent energy of the mother sea and bring happiness.
Full of kindness and loveliness, the color gives you the strength to believe in one's power and a desire to share joy and enjoyment.

Sky Blue〔A5〕※Japanese version

Sky blue gives us hope and a feeling of openness like a big clear sky.
If you want to stay natural and to be true to yourself, try writing your honest feelings in a notebook? 
It will encourage you to be more open minded.

Chiffon Yellow〔A5〕※Japanese version

A gentle yellow like a lemon chiffon cake. 
We have chosen a color that will make your heart flutter so that your daily life will be bright, light and energetic. 
It gives you inspiration when you want ideas, and enhances your expressiveness and the flexibility of your mind.

Pure White〔A5〕※Japanese version

Stylish bright white with gold lettering.This colour allows you to enjoy a sophisticated, elegant style.Write your future full of colour in this pure white diary.

New item 

Rouge Red HELLO KITTY〔A5〕※Japanese version


A limited number of collaboration notebooks are now available!
Why don't you spend an exciting year with your beloved Hello Kitty?
Just being with Kitty at that time brings back the excitement!
Even as an adult, you can add color to your everyday life with the CITTA notebook, along with the cuteness.

CITTA DIARY 2023-24〔A5〕notebook only

I made the ultimate, simple” CITTA TECHO” for those who desire to adorn their notebooks with their favorite notebook cover. The cover without the notebook cover is a pale cream colour. The bookmark-free design makes it fit any notebook cover. Design your year as you would like as you adorn the CITTA TECHO the way your heart desires based on your choices.


《Japanese version 》

CITTA Diary 2023-24 (March edition) 【Product Details】

【Size】A5 L15.5cm×H21.5 cm×W1.2cm

【Price】CITTA Diary: 3,960 yen (incl. tax)

【Size】A5 L15.5cm×H21.5 cm×W1.2cm
【Price】CITTA Diary: 4,400 yen (incl. tax)

◆notebook only
【Size】A5  L14.8cm×H21.0 cm×W1.2cm
【Weight】 About 300g 
【Price】  3,410 yen (incl. tax) 

・Year planner : One year to a page (January 2023ーDecember 2025)

・Project page : Two months to a page (March 2023ーApril 2024)

・Monthly : Two months to a page, block-type (March 2023ーApril 2024)

・Weekly : One week to a page, starts on Monday, squared space on right
     ※Japanese version shows time in 24-hour format. AM4:00〜24-hour

     (27th February, 2023 ー 31th March, 2024)


・WAKU WAKU List(Things make you happy and excited list.)

・Squared pages

※Includes auspicious and unfilled days in Japan
 Includes seasonal days of note and full and new moons
 Includes explanation of how to use the schedule notebook

Holidays are listed according to the Japanese calendar.

Project page and monthly page include ”Rokuyo” that tells the day's fortune in the lunisolar calendar.

【Bound Type】
・180°full opening thread bound

・High quality paper that does not leak through to the back even if you use a fountain pen

・Includes three bookmarks

※CITTA Diary 2023-24【notebook only】 does not come with a cover, writing instructions, or bookmarks.

■【CITTA Diary 2023-24(March edition)】Sales Information
  *Purchases are limited to 5 per person to prevent resale.
  *Once orders have been confirmed, they cannot be changed.
  *Please note that we do not provide a gift-wrapping service.

■We ship internationally via World Shopping. Sales for overseas shipments will start in late January,2023. 
Please check here for shopping details.
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